Some people remember when many rural households didn’t have electricity or running water. Although those days are long gone for most, there’s still lots of room for improvement. In fact, our American infrastructure used to be the envy of the world, but now it’s in disrepair.

MY BACK PORCH, GLASS OF TEA IN HAND - Here’s a shout out to a former coworker, Berry Tramel, for his upcoming induction into the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame on Thursday, May 3.


By Rep. David Perryman

My grandchildren are really in to superheroes. The interest spills over to the books that they choose and the entertainment that they watch. A simple towel or mask can turn them into a crusader for peace, justice and the American way.

LYONS, Neb. - A major wave of consolidation that kicked off in 2016 continues to move forward with the U.S. Department of Justice allowing chemical producer Bayer to acquire the U.S. based seed company Monsanto, reported yesterday.

By Rep. David Perryman

The Oklahoma State Capitol is an impressive building. It was when it was constructed just over a a century ago and it still remains that way.

The truth and nothing but the truth: For about 48 hours last week, it appeared that the Oklahoma Legislature had put aside partisan politics and reached a historic bipartisan budget deal that legitimately raised sufficient revenue to fund a decent raise for teachers, include something for school

No, Lincoln Riley - head football coach at the University of Oklahoma - isn’t headed to Texas. However, if the headline grabbed your attention, then the facts just might scare you. We aren’t losing a football coach to Texas but rather thousands of teachers.

The Oklahoma legislature is on the precipice of working out a long overdue plan that will increase pay for teachers, but in reality this plan is not about teacher pay.

It’s about your kids, my kids, your grandchildren and my grandchildren. This is not about teacher pay.

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister made the following remarks on the Oklahoma State Senate’s passage of legislation paving the way for a teacher pay raise, the first in more than 10 years.