Serving Oklahoma’s House of Rep. District 56 Oligarchy is one of those words that Mr. Michaels taught us in our junior high government class. He told us that is was a government system where power is controlled by a small, often wealthy, percentage of a country’s population.

Suicide is a difficult subject to talk about because it is a difficult subject.

It’s complicated and there is a certain stigma associated with the act of one taking his/her own life.


I was chatting with a group of students the other day when one of them looked me in the eye and commented, “You’re very tough on journalists.” I had to plead guilty. Of course I’m tough on journalists.

Maybe even as tough on them as they are on politicians.

The summer kicks off this weekend as we observe Memorial Day, but this day is so much more than just the beginning of backyard barbeques, trips to the lake and summer vacation for our kids.

Our nation’s Veterans, who serve during times of war and peace, have sacrificed a great deal to keep our nation safe and protect our freedoms. It is our duty in Congress to ensure that Veterans receive the care they have earned for their service to our country.

My parents used Dad’s World War 2, V.A. loan eligibility to purchase 80 acres in the early 1960’s. The north 40 was about half tillable land and half hay meadow.

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Even as they presented unified calls for increased funding, rural and urban educators had starkly different ideas of how to accomplish it, lawmakers said.

Teachers were allied in their calls for increased pay, additional classroom spending and reduced class sizes.