It seems just about every day we hear or read someone telling us that this is THE election. They insist that this election is somehow the most important  election of our lifetime.

Recently, Congress responsibly fulfilled its most fundamental duty to the American people by funding some of the nation’s most critical and pressing needs.

By Dr. James Finck

In a weird sort of historically nerdy way, it has been fascinating watching how tariffs are becoming  politically relevant.

CHICAGO (AP) - "Get the thing straight once and for all: The policeman isn't there to create disorder," said the late Mayor Richard J. Daley in explaining the riots in the streets of his city in the summer 1968. "The policeman is there to preserve disorder."

Oklahoma's locally-owned businesses are the jewels that make rural communities shine. The Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program, a farm bill program, helps these small business owners obtain resources and training they need.