President Donald Trump’s Twitter account was suspended by the social media giant, citing concerns the account was being used to incite violence.

Recently, it was decided that the President of the United States was using a social media platform called Twitter, to incite violence and misinformation. As users of social media platforms, we agree to their Terms of Service (ToS) when we download their products and utilize them.

Cheyenne Belew

This is not a political column. Yet, I must address the events of Jan. 6 in the light of raising children. Talking to little people whose minds are not yet fully developed must be handled with wisdom, especially in a tricky situation.

Jay (Hi Ho) DeSilver Sports Editor

Opting out has been on my mind since I watched OU play Florida in the Cotton Bowl. But I want to start with the fact that we have made it through the holiday break and the exciting news is high school sports are back in full swing (barring any Covid problems). 

From the left, Matt Belew stands with his children, Caleb, 10, and Joshua, 9, on the family’s farm, where they spend much time together as a family, away from the busyness of life.

2020 is over. Yup. The page has finally turned on this historical chapter in our lives. Coronavirus. Closures. Cancellations. We did it. We survived. Take a minute to breathe. Again. Once more. Now, open your eyes.

Jay (Hi Ho) DeSilver Sports Editor

As 2020 comes to close, I am always thankful and grateful for what I have been blessed with. With not any local high school sports going on, I decide to end this years papers with a review from past newspapers.

A journal allows a child to write about events and privately reflect upon them.

“Victory or death.” This phrase was penned in a letter by Texas Forces Commander William Barret Travis during the siege of the Alamo by Mexican forces. It is through this historic letter that we get a sense of what took place behind the walls of the Alamo.

University of Oklahoma

NORMAN, Okla. (AP) — Oklahoma running back T.J. Pledger and quarter-back Tanner Mordecai say they plan to transfer. Both made their announcements on social media. Mordecai said he already has entered he transfer portal. Pledger said he has decided to enter.

Jay (Hi Ho) DeSilver

I really don’t have anything against the Big 10 and their member schools. If you have been following along through the pandemic with me, I have kept up a running dialog on the mess that this conference has become.