The Capitol was buzzing with activity late into the night every day this week. Thursday was the deadline to pass bills from the chamber they originated in, and the House

What do low self-esteem, depression, mental health and a high teen pregnancy rate have in common? If your answer was Oklahoma, you are eons ahead of 56 members of the

This last week has been occupied with hours on the House floor. After last week’s committee deadline, all remaining bills are now eligible to be heard by the entire House

Your city council will vote to rezone your residential area in a way that could affect existing homes and your family. How do you find out what's going on? Your

Stillwater News Press: Partial Letter to the Editor from League of Women Voters Published in Sunday, March 3, edition of News Press ... The Stillwater League of Women Voters has

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The first session of the 57th Legislature is officially underway. On Monday, Feb. 4, Gov. Kevin Stitt gave his first State of the State address to the joint legislature and