ELGIN - Made up of three main branches, the executive, legislative and judicial, our government functions on a system of checks and balances, regulating those assigned to important governmental roles and ensures that no one branch gains too much power over another.

A Sept. 14, 2018, vehicle accident that occurred on US Highway 17, near Trail Road in Elgin, blocked the eastbound lane as Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers investigated and emergency crews cleared the scene.


It was a soggy night in Duncan, Friday, Sept. 7, but Elgin fans, along with the high school cheerleaders and band turned out to offer support to the Owls' football team.


By Lisa Carroll

STERLING - Sharing a common bond by promoting kindness, the Huitt family of Sterling and Jeff Lenhart, of Dubuque, Iowa, finally got a chance to meet face-to-face last week amidst a journey of a lifetime.

The November ballot is stacked with five State Questions, which includes everything from ensuring victims of violent crime are heard during sentencing to combining the races of Governor and Lt. Governor.