First responders looking to secure grants for new telecommunication equipment

MEDICINE PARK – First responders in this Comanche County town are enlisting assistance from a local grant-writing professional in their bid to secure funds to buy nearly three dozen radios plus body cameras and a communications signal repeater.

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Oklahoma's own "Another Pink in the Floyd" tribute band helped rock the park during Medicine Park's two-day music festival and Fourth of July Celebration on Friday, July 3, and Saturday, July 4. Several other area annual Fourth of July celebrations were canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In addition to the produce, Hilliary Communications donated an extra $2,000. The monetary donation is expected to cover animal food costs at the aquarium for one month. On Monday, April 6, Medicine Park Aquarium & Natural Sciences Cen- ter staff, Nicole Rowe, Rainette Rowland, Doug Kemper, Nicole Hill and Jacey Smith scooped up armfuls of donated produce and feed, ready to deliver it to the variety of animal species housed at the aquarium.

MEDICINE PARK - Needing to keep staff paid and animals cared for despite being closed to the public, the Medicine Park Aquarium & Natural Sciences Center is actively soliciting monetary and animal food donations.

Disinfecting wipes to be donated to area schools

MEDICINE PARK – Hilliary Communications recently announced they would be donating over 450 tubes of disinfecting wipes to area schools. “In light of the coronavirus, many stores are experiencing a shortage of disinfecting wipes and sanitizing gel, among other supplies.

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MEDICINE PARK - The highly anticipated North American River Otter Habitat Exhibit, sponsored by the McCasland Foundation of Duncan, opened with an official ribbon-cutting Friday, March 6.

Medicine Park

MEDICINE PARK - A lack of proper procedures and miscommunication over a questionable fire department bank account, allegedly contain- ing approximately $10,000, sparked a confrontational and contentious city council meeting in Medicine Park last week.

A 1950's vintage Earl Wynn baseball glove found buried in the dirt by Sterling Public School teacher and basketball coach, Darrell Stanley, will soon be headed home for Christmas. The glove, inked with the name "Curtis Davis" is being returned to Medicine Park resident Candace McCoy after details reveal that the glove most likely belonged to her late father.

MEDICINE PARK - An unearthed vintage baseball glove will soon be making its way back to a family member just in time for Christmas after community members linked a handwritten name to Medicine Park.