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Teaching your child at home and maintaining discipline can be a juggling act. Playing the role of teacher and parent is hard because children are used to the clockwork schedule of a school day at school and the leisure of free time at home.

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DAVIS - Leaders with Oklahoma Baptists announced last week that Falls Creek Youth Camp and CrossTimbers Children’s Mission Adventure Camp will not hold any camp sessions during the summer of 2020, due to factors related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fishing  in southwest Oklahoma


Submitted by: Mike Carroll Date: 05/17/2020


Lake Level Data: USGS Current Lake Level

Water Temp and Clarity: 66 and murky

Crappie, White, Crappie, Black

 The Elgin Community Library is now open with some restrictions. According to their Facebook page, curbside service is continuing through the month of May.

Rows upon rows of encapsulated orbs of knowledge, otherwise known as books. Lined with hundreds or even thousands of these orbs, the library is a treasure trove of living information. Most children love the library. After all, it holds their future knowledge.

National Prevention Week 2020

LAWTON - This year National Prevention Week is May 10-16th. National Prevention Week is a health observance held every year that hopes to increase public awareness of, and action around mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Capehart believes, “If we do our job teaching our children...they will apply the morals they have learned to the stories they read. They will filter their reading through their moral compass.”

Why do children love video games? I have studied my own children their entire lives, as every parent does. I see their little glazed-over eyes when they play video games on the couch. They are engrossed. I like to just watch them and ask probing questions.