Duncan-based Viridian Coffee has confirmed it will be one of Elgin Square’s first businesses when the new development opens in Elgin

ELGIN — Duncan-based Viridian Coffee recently confirmed the popular Southwest Oklahoma coffee purveyor will open a new store in Elgin Square — a retail shopping center currently under construction just off U.S. 277 near the H.E. Bailey Turnpike in Elgin.

Store owner Trudy Fralick, right, and her daughter, Bobbie Janson, at a candle making area in her store in Elgin.

The Laced Willow — a new addition to Elgin’s community of retail businesses —will provide residents with a different shopping experience. According to its Facebook page, the store is “off the beaten path” but worth the trip.

The Elgin skyline is visible through smoke and flames arising from a fire at Fort Sill that was sparked by Army ordnance disposal activities.

LAWTON — A fire Monday on the east side of Fort Sill illuminated the night sky and generated anxiety among Elgin residents for several hours.

Elgin Swim

DUNCAN - Elgin’s boys and girls teams continued their seasons as they traveled to Duncan to swim against Mustang, Yukon, Duncan and Marlow. The swim teams are off until they travel across the Red River to compete in Wichita Falls on Saturday, Jan. 9, 2021.