Out of Bounds with Hi Ho

College football polls frustrate me.

I guess it has become the norm to have to blow people out to maintain your position within the polls. If my memory serves me correctly, years ago they were going to put in a formula where the margin of victory didn’t matter.

A few weeks ago Oklahoma was ranked second in the nation and held on to beat Tulane by five, but I guess that was not enough for the pollsters to hold them in the number two spot as the Sooners dropped to number four after that game.

Nebraska recently came to Norman and stayed with OU till the Sooners pulled out a seven-point win — and once again the Sooners slipped one spot in the polls. Now, this is not only about OU. Recently, the Clemson Tigers and Ohio State won their games by smaller-than-expected margins and it cost them in the polls as well. It is bad enough when you walk off the field as a player or a coach after winning a game and it feels like a loss. Trust me, I have been there.

Somewhere, someone has an answer on how to fix the college football playoff system. It isn’t me but hopefully someone will figure it out and wins will count as wins. As always, stay safe and healthy.