Congressman Tom Cole, 4th District of Oklahoma
Congressman Tom Cole, 4th District of Oklahoma

The United States has been a long-time friend and ally of the Jewish state of Israel. For decades, our country has rightly supported the nation of Israel as one of our greatest allies on the international stage. But in recent years, Israel has been subject to an increasing amount of unfair criticisms.

Since its inception, Israel is a shining example of western civilization and democracy in a region of the world that has been characterized by chaos and terror for years. The Middle Eastern countries and terrorist organizations that heap so much scorn upon Israel would certainly benefit if they followed Israel’s example. However, many in this part of the world simply despise western values. Additionally, Israel has been an indispensable ally in the war on terror.

The unfair criticisms hurled at Israel stem from land disputes with the Palestinians. While I certainly sympathize with Palestinians who want a peaceful solution to their disagreement with Israel, we cannot forget the influence that the terrorist organization of Hamas — who is funded by the Iranian government, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism — exerts on the Palestinians.

Just recently, a senior Hamas official even went as far as saying that Palestinians across the world have a duty to kill all Jews. Israelis have been supportive of a two-state solution with a sovereign Palestinian state, but as long as Hamas continues to target civilians, including women and children, Israel has every right to defend itself.



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