UPDATE: According to a statement issued by the Fort Sill Provost Marshall's Office and Directorate of Emergency Services, "A former Fort Sill employee was detained on post this morning and his vehicle was searched. Personnel in the vicinity were told to shelter in place as a precaution. The all clear was given shortly after 12:30 p.m."

Community members have shared that they have received reports about an incident on Fort Sill that has several buildings on lock down.

The message says, "Fort Sill is experiencing a serious incident. The following buildings are on lock down - McNair Hall, Taylor Hall, Knox Hall, Sheridan Hall. Please stay away from this area at this time. More information will be provided when known."

Monica Guthrie, Fort Sill Media Relations, has confirmed to The Chronicle that there is no active shooter and "no active anything" right now. Monica said that as a precaution, they are keeping everyone in their buildings for now while the Director of Emergency Services investigates and gives the all clear.

We will provide more information when it becomes available.