On the Fourth of July, we celebrate the courage, conviction and boldness of those who came before us live up to the proclamations made in that original creed.

Though eloquently written and brilliant in substance, the Declaration could have been forgotten forever were it not for the courageous patriots who were willing and energized to fight.

Had the Revolutionary War been subdued, those who signed the Declaration surely would have been charged and likely executed for treason. Even though they were outtrained and out-gunned, General George Washington’s ragtag forces of the Continental Army fought with a valor and ferocity undoubtedly charged by years of living under the cruel thumb of British tyranny.

They surmounted improbable odds – including their famous victory at the Battle of Trenton by crossing the Delaware River, a bone-chilling winter at Valley Forge and ultimately dealt the decisive blow at the Battle of Yorktown. to secure and defend American liberty.

While the British common law system had a unique appreciation for liberty, full rights only applied to British citizens. But that all changed on July 4, 1776.



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