When the forecast first broke for Tuesday this week of mid-April there was snow in the forecast.

So I announce this to the DeSilver household and then have to show my phone to everyone, as know one believed me.

Remember back early in February, Punxsutaw- ney Phil forecast six more weeks of winter.

Everyone laughed and made fun of the little ol’ groundhog from the north. Guess who's laughing now?

Should we call it the Revenge of Punxsutawney or Punxsutawney Reloaded. Maybe we will just call it Groundhog Day.

My grandmother always told my sisters and me to never plant before April 15, guess Nana is still right!

The wet and cold weather has slowed down outdoor sports around here. This weekend isn’t looking much better as they are forecasting rain for Thursday and Friday of this week.

Districts, Regionals and State tournaments are all just around the corner for all Spring high school sports. Let’s hope the water works shut off long enough we can get all the tournaments in and crown some more Oklahoma State Champions.

By the way, anybody have gopher treats hidden somewhere?

As always, stay safe and healthy