MEDICINE PARK - Southwest Oklahoma experienced a frog-strangling, gulley-washer last Friday. The deluge sent floodwaters over roads and made driving a little challenging.

More rain fell off-and-on over the next several days and the Mesonet shows a seven-day rain total for Medicine Park at 4.23 inches. Walters collected 5.12 and Grandfield topped the state rain gauge at 6.16 inches. The heavy rain totals came at about the same time State Climatologist Gary McManus announced that the state's drought is rapidly growing. He said it is working its way from the Panhandle to northwest parts and approaching central Oklahoma.

Some records dating back to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s have been broken by the lack of rainfall, and one expert calls it a “drought explosion.” Before Friday's rain relief, area firefighters had been kept busy on local fire calls. Floods ... drought ... at the same time? Well, it is 2020.