Jay (Hi Ho) DeSilver Sports Editor
Jay (Hi Ho) DeSilver Sports Editor

Maybe I'll blame it on the pandemic canceling all the other sports or maybe I should just face the reality that once you get it, it never goes away. You might run, hide and try to deny it, but it is always just sitting there right under the surface. Dirt track racing is the "it" that has attacked the DeSilver household again. Many years ago, I met the wife while we were out touring the countryside working on race cars.

We were both following the ASCS 2 Mini Sprint Speedweek tour through Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. After getting married and having our son JW, it became too expensive and time-consuming to keep up and race. We put the wrenches down and thought we had defeated "the bug."

We tried to stay away - even with extended family still racing out of Wichita Falls. We did everything we could to stay away. We even dabbled in the RC car racing when JW decided he needed to race something. We were still just cruising along and minding our own business when out of nowhere the pandemic hit.

One of the first major sports to open back up was NASCAR and there I was watching every race again. Monarch Speedway in Wichita Falls opened and was hosting races and we ventured down there and caught a race or two. Just like that, we were infected again. We have seen more racing in the past three weeks then we have seen in many years. I guess we will see where the road leads this time!

As always, stay safe and healthy!