Jay (Hi Ho) DeSilver Sports Editor
Jay (Hi Ho) DeSilver Sports Editor

At times I don't know if it is a blessing or a curse. I get these gut feelings about things and, I would say about 80% of the time, these feelings come to fruition. What is my gut telling me this time? I have this sinking feeling that college football may be affected by the pandemic and not start on time.

Now, some of these feelings may come from the numbers that I have seen coming off of campuses around the country. Clemson University had 23 players and five staff members test positive for the coronavirus. ESPN reported that 30 members of the LSU football team had been placed in quarantine but not all players had tested positive.

Kansas State suspended all football workouts for 14 days after 14 players tested positive. A little close to home, The University of Texas announced that 13 football players have confirmed positive coronavirus test. OU is not set to open up their voluntary workouts until July 1.

Not only have we seen a spike at college campuses, there is a spike in cases across the country. Robert Garrett of the Dallas Morning News reported on Tuesday evening of this week that Texas' Governor Abbott sternly warned Texans of a "rampant" spread of coronavirus. So, is it a gut feeling or do I spend way too much time reading news and sports news?

Whatever the reason is, I have this sinking feeling that college football is going to as least partially (if not totally) be wiped out by the pandemic. I am hoping this time maybe it is just some spicy food I ate and not my Spidey senses being in full effect. As always, stay safe and healthy!