Fans of the NBA recently have made headlines as the a few fans have taken it upon themselves to throw items from the stands and just overall be unruly. I am not suggesting that this is just a NBA problem but they have made most of the top sports stories since they are in the middle of their playoffs.

The list reads as follows:

• Former Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook had popcorn thrown at him as he exited the floor.

• Former University of Oklahoma star Trae Young had a fan of the New York Knicks spit on him during the game.

• Three fans in Utah had to be removed after verbally attacking Ja Mo- rant and his family.

• A fan in Boston was removed for throwing a water bottle at the head of Brooklyn’s Kyrie Irving.

• A fan in Washington, D.C. came onto the court jumped up and slapped the backboard. He was quickly tacked by a security and removed from the arena.

I love sports as much as the next person but people it is really not that serious in the grand scheme of things.

Sit back and relax!

As always, stay safe and healthy.