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Chronicle photos by Curtis Awbrey

COMANCHE COUNTY – Smoke blowing across the roadway prevented motorists from safely traveling along a section of Meers-Porter Hill Road Tuesday, Dec. 31. Cinders from a seemingly controlled burn quickly ignited a grassfire along the southern edge of Meers Porter Road. Landowner Tim Lyle said he was burning off some debris in the 8000 block when a light breeze helped the sparks find new fuel. Shortly before 2 p.m., as several trees became scorched by the blaze, and with structures nearby, Lyle called 911. Within a few short moments, officers with Lawton Police Department’s Lake Patrol responded, closely followed by firefighters from Meers and Paradise Valley Volunteer Fire Departments, said Lyle. Law enforcement officers were called out to prevent motorists from traveling along the smoke-covered roadway as firefighters hurried to extinguish the blaze. According to the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Division, only Texas County, in the Oklahoma Panhandle, is currently under a county burn ban. While the fire consumed less than an acre, no structures were damaged, and no injuries were reported.