Shopping for Winter Wish Week is quite a fun endeavor, but required a huge amount of organization and participation from a lot of different people to pull off an event of this magnitude. It took teachers and staff the entire year to successfully execute the event.

On Nov. 1, 2017, a bus load of 27 students and five adults headed off to Moore for the first Winter Wishes shopping trip. Stops were made at Khols, Target and Dick’s in the search for the first 79 wishes, which materialized in the form of candy, toys, shoes and electronics.

“We spoke to our kids about putting thought into every item they select and to remember: one, be a good steward of the money that has been donated and two, be respectful and thoughtful of each wish card and shop with fellow students in mind,” said Mrs. Evon.

The entire Winter Wishes program was funded by donations from the community, parents, local businesses and a GoFundMe page on Facebook. The events were posted live so anyone could watch through the day.

“That way the people who donate can actually see how their money is being used,” said Mr. Leonard, Assistant Middle School Principal.

One hundred percent of all donations went directly to grant wishes for the kids at Elgin Middle School and allowed students the unique opportunity to pick out specific requested gifts for their peers.

“One of the most rewarding things to witness is the love and pure joy in the eyes of a child as they personally select gifts for one another,” said Mrs. Evon.

Pouring their hearts into the program, students and staff members gave a little piece of themselves with each wish granted and the memories will last forever.