AUTO RACING: Current Standings
AUTO RACING: Current Standings

Lawton Speedway got back on the track after being rained out on May 22. Heavy rains in North Texas brought some IMCA Racesaver Sprint cars north of the Red River. The Racesaver Spring cars had 25 cars in the field and that many cars forced a “B” feature to set the field for the night.

Brandon Jennings started on the outside pole and after a few laps took the lead and went 20 laps to take the win. Brandon was followed to the checkered flags by Gary Owens, Jesse Graham, Jeremy Allen and Marcus Thomas. The USRA Limited Modifieds started their feature with 19 cars but only saw 12 cars finish the race. Josh Cournoyer won the race followed by Shane Little, Tyler Webb, Zach Gossett and Justin Cox. The Mini Stock feature also had quite a few drop out of the feature but when the dust settled, Dakota Davies had taken another feature win.

Following Dakota to the finish line were Clyde Ikeler, Brain Stotler, Mackenzie Holden and Daniel Hufnage. The USRA Tuners had a full field of 20 cars for the night and put on a show for the crowd that was present for Comanche County Night. Daniel Thompson survived the night and took the win over Logan Morschhauser, Kaleb Watson, David Thompson and Hunter Krugle.

The Wingless Limited Sprints were the last class to the track, which by this time and started to turn black to all the rubber being laid down by the track by the race car tires. Ricky Crawford started in fourth place but worked in way to the front eventually taking the lead late in the the “A” main. Ricky was able to hold on for the win and was followed to the finish line by Gerald Smith, Matthew Reimer, Micheal Spencer and Kody Kastner. Lawton Speedway will be back in action on Saturday, June 5 as the host the Sprint Cars from the ASCS Sooner Region along with the USRA Modifieds, USRA Limited Modifieds, Mini Stocks and the USRA Tuners.