Middle school student Jory Garrett showing some enthusiam for EMS’ Winter Wishes kickoff.

“We wanted something that we could do to make every kid smile and thanks to Hillary Communications, we were able to do that,” said Mrs. Evon.

Elgin’s second Winter Wishes started the morning of Dec. 13, 2017, with a little dose of sweetness.

Students were inspired by the Chris Rosati story that Mrs. West uses as a part of her curriculum to teach kindness before Winter Wishes was launched. In his inspiring story, Chris shares with the world about having ALS and wanting to spend the remaining days of his life spreading kindness to make the lives of those around him better.

To do so, Chris had come up with a plan to steal a Krispy Kreme donut truck and drive around his hometown, throwing stolen donuts out to strangers, just to make them happy by spreading a simple act of kindness. When Krispy Kreme heard about the plot, they gave Chris a truck and 1,000 donuts so he could fulfill that wish.

Before his death, he developed Inspire Media Network, a non-profit organization, that inspires young people to participate and share about projects that spread kindness.

Chris believed in the Butterfly Effect and lived the remaining part of his life by the theory.

“The Butterfly Effect is the theory that one seemingly small action can ultimately lead to a large change. Kindness can spread exponentially,” said Chris. “One act can lead to countless others and each of those acts could lead to countless more.”

Chris Rosati passed away on Oct. 18, 2017, and Winter Wishes wanted to honor his legacy by providing a free donut to each child to kick off the week.

Hilliary Communications purchased and delivered 750 donuts to the middle school so that every child could have a sweet treat to brighten their day.

“We wanted something that we could do to make every kid smile and thanks to Hillary Communications, we were able to do that,” said Mrs. Evon.

Earlier in the year, each child at Elgin Middle School filled out a form to grant one wish for themselves, one wish for a friend and one wish for the community.

Mrs. Evon, the 7th grade geography teacher/student counsel adviser and Mrs. West, the 7th grade reading teacher/student counsel adviser, combined their super powers to organize the Winter Wishes program and make sure each child gets a wish granted.

“When we stated all this a year ago, we had no idea what it would look like,” said Mrs. Evon.

Secretaries Becky Newton and Terri Glover were a part of the official “Donut Squad” and were joined by Principal Hitt, Mrs. West, Dustin and Eddie Hilliary and Hilliary Communications employees, JJ Francais and Sylvia Jones, in handing out donuts to awaiting kids.

“Donuts are nice,” said Arthur Barfield-⁠Cherry, aka “Artie.” Kids laughed with friends while eating their donuts and danced to “Joy to the World” as it thumped loudly through the outdoor speakers.

“Be kind every day,” said Mrs. Evon. “Be happy!”