We all have been there. We are that kid in the candy store, our mouths are drooling and we can’t decide what we want.

That is how I get when we reach the playoff time in Southwest Oklahoma.

Trust me, I am not picky either. I will watch baseball, softball, golf, tennis or whatever high school sports has to offer at that time of year.

I have been in on both sides. I have felt the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat that ends seasons and high school careers.

Baseball season ending this year will have a different feel for the DeSilver family as JW is finishing up is high school career at Lawton High.

At this point he doesn’t have plans to play in college so this will be the first time since he was four or five years old that we have not tracked him around for baseball games.

The good thing is he wants to go into teaching and become a baseball coach around here. So maybe after a short four year break we will be able to travel as parents of the coach.

Find a schedule and get out and watch a playoff game somewhere.

We won’t get this chance again until the Oct. - Dec. time frame.

As always, stay safe and healthy.