LAWTON — August brings back the start of school and also concludes the regular season at Lawton Speedway.

The USRA Limited Modifieds sent 21 cars out to start the main event but only saw 17 cars take the checkered flag on Saturday, July 25.

Jason Hilliard started the race on the outside of the first row and jumped to an early lead that he never would relinquish.

The battle of the race was for the second and third spot as Shane Little and Josh Cournoyer raced back and forth to see who would take second place. Shane held on and finished in second place, with Josh taking third spot and Timmy Johnson and Rob Elliott rounding out the top five spots. In the USRA Modifieds it has been the Kale Westover show for most of the year, with Kale winning every race up to this point.

Saturday night appeared to be no different and Kale worked his way into the front of the pack.  A caution slowed the field down and when the green f lag dropped, Kale's car would not come up to speed, ending Kale's night. Dylan Ballard took over the lead and held on for the win. Brandon Pinson, David Tanner, Jason Hilliard and Harold Winton, Jr. accounted for positions two through five.

Cameron Hagin swept the night in IMCA RaceSaver Sprinters, winning both his heat and the feature. Finishing second was Cody Hill, followed by Gary Owens. Jeremy Allen and Morgan Fletcher. T.J. Herrell started seventh on the night in the Wingless Sprints and worked and slid his way to another feature win. Ryan Dean came in second followed by Tommy Holder, Danny Chacon and Shannon Bacus. Lawton Speedway will be back in action on Saturday, Aug. 1, when the IMCA 305 RaceSaver Sprints, Mini Stocks, USRA Limited Modifieds and Wingless Limited Sprints take to the 1/4 mile clay oval.

Races start at 8:30 p.m.

Speedway Points as if July 25

1. 9H- Mitchell Henson - 870 pts.

2. 96- Daniel Cox - 842 pts.

3. 132 -Shane Little - 834 pts.

4. 22- Kyle Hilliard - 740 pts.

5. 16- Rob Bland - 600 pts.


1.5w- Kale Westover - 682 pts.

2.71W- Harold Winton Jr - 628 pts.

3.D25- David Tanner - 605 pts.

4.14- Travis Bragg - 593 pts.

5.30- John Nemetz - 485 pts.


1. 17- Jeremy Allen - 917 pts.

2. 13c- Brady Courtney - 829 pts.

3. 29B- Duane Baker - 794 pts.

4. 98k- Dane Fields - 790 pts.

5. 94F- Morgan Fletcher - 779 pts.


1. 24-T.J. Herrell - 490 pts.

2. 3- Tommy Holder - 441 pts.

3. 51- Ryan Dean - 386 pts.

4. 27- Michael Spencer - 354 pts.

5. 007- Cody Carter - 345 pts.


1. 69- Dakota Davies - 938 pts.

2. 3- Richard Pece - 880 pts.

3. 5- Dustin Southerland - 742 pts.

4. 83- Dakota Southerland - 684 pts.

5. 76- Brian Stotler - 681 pts.