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Photos provided by Lucy Trautman

The pandemic left most of us sitting at home with kids who wanted nothing more than to get out of the house. Closures and cancellations suddenly became the norm. And so it was with The Good Book Club in Fletcher as well. That is, until now.

Organizer Lucy Trautman explains that the pandemic interrupted schooling at a critical time for young children learning to read.

“Children in the early grades have experienced the most dramatic drops in grade-level reading scores compared to previous years. For first graders especially. Their kindergarten year was cut short,” Trautman said.

Trautman hopes The Good Book Club will help bridge the literacy gap through interactive storytelling, rhyming songs and enabling children to take home books on their reading level.

“The more children read and expand their vocabularies, the better readers they will become,” she said.

In previous years, the club was held indoors at a house owned by Fletcher United Methodist Church. However, due to CDC recommendations, this summer’s club will see some changes. The Good Book Club will be held in the Fletcher Park outdoor pavilion. Among the lineup are stories, songs, crafts and a lending library.

Ample craft supplies will be available to reduce sharing of frequently touched materials. Each week, several crates of books will be on hand for the children check out. Color-coded reading-level stickers will help children choose appropriate books. One of the added benefits of meeting at the park is the nearby splash pad. Children are encouraged to cool down with an ice pop by the splash pad when the book club concludes.

This year’s themes of character development will center on love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, also known as the “Fruit of the Spirit.” Throughout the summer, the stories, songs and creative activities will encourage the children to explore what it means embody the “Fruit of the Spirit.”

The Good Book Club meets from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Wednesdays from June 16 through July 28 at the Fletcher Park pavilion. Children are encouraged to come for the stories and stay for the ice pops.