Senator Jessica Garvin (R-Duncan)
Senator Jessica Garvin (R-Duncan)

OKLAHOMA CITY — A Republican state senator was “surprised and thrilled” after a Democratic colleague nominated her as a state director for the nonpartisan Women in Government all-legislator board of directors.
Sen. Carrie Hicks (D-Oklahoma City) selected Sen. Jessica Garvin (R-Duncan) as a state director. Hicks is the current WIG state director.
“To be honest, I am surprised,” Garvin said. “For someone across the aisle to nominate you was a surprise, but I’m thrilled. You can respect someone even when you disagree with them. This is a really big deal to me.”
Hicks nominated Garvin to help further nonpartisan issues at the state level, she said.
“She (Garvin) joins myself, Rep. Povenzano and Rep. Nolan as state directors to ensure we have balance in the conversations moving forward. Senator Garvin and I have worked together on a number of issues. We don’t always align on every issue, but we are always able to work together and that is the most important quality when looking at long-term solutions.”
Garvin also talked about the significant roles more women are playing in government.
“With more and more women getting elected to office across the country, this organization plays an important role in helping female officials become strong leaders, who can drive sound policy,” Garvin said. “I’m honored to have been chosen to represent our state. I’m looking forward to learning how I can be a better leader for our district and state as well as successfully push more critical policies to improve the lives of Oklahomans and make our state better.”
State directors are WIG’s go-to ambassadors in the states and help keep the organization informed about pressing policy issues and how they can help. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., WIG is a national nonprofit organization that for more than 30 years has provided leadership opportunities, expert forums, and educational resources to address and resolve complex public policy issues for all women state legislators across the country.
Some of the issues facing WIG are marijuana legislation, health care, energy and technology, underserved populations, and economic development.