Travis Wayne Simpson, son of former Cotton County Sheriff Kent Simpson, has had encounters with law enforcement agencies for more than two decades, records of the Oklahoma State Courts Network (OSCN) show.

Travis Simpson is scheduled to be sentenced later this month and already owes the court system tens of thousands of dollars in fines and fees.

• In 1998, he was arrested by Walters police for transporting an open container of liquor, driving a motor vehicle in a manner not reasonable and proper, and operating a motor vehicle on which all taxes due the State of Oklahoma had not been paid. He pleaded no contest to those charges, court records reflect.

• Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) troopers ticketed Simpson for speeding 80 mph in 65 mph zones in Jefferson County in 1998 and again in 2003. In both instances, the pleaded guilty and paid a fine.

• In 2001, Travis Simpson was charged with theft of anhydrous ammonia.

OSCN records indicate that ultimately he was sentenced to five years in prison but another five years were suspended, and he was fined $10,000 but that was deferred in lieu of completing a drug/ alcohol addiction program.

• In 2002, Simpson was accused of manufacturing a controlled, dangerous substance and knowingly concealing stolen property (a motorcycle belonging to a Burkburnett, Texas, woman)

OSCN records indicate he pleaded guilty in 2002; is sentence was 10 years n prison with five of those suspended, a $50,000 fine plus court costs, and he was ordered to make restitution or the motorcycle.
• In 2005, and again in 2009, Simpson was ticketed y OHP troopers for failure to wear a seat belt; both times he pleaded guilty to the charges.

• Travis Simpson was arrested by Walters police in 009 on two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawfully carrying a weapon, failure to pay taxes due to the state, and failure to have a security verification form in his possession.
He pleaded guilty, and his sentences were imposed concurrently with the sentences n the convictions from 2001 and 2002; in addition, he was ned $400 plus court costs.

• Last year, Simpson was arrested by Walters police nd charged in Cotton county District Court with endangering others while attempting to elude a police officer and two counts of driving while his license was suspended.
• In January of this year, Simpson was charged in Cotton County District Court with endangering others while eluding a police officer, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, driving while his license was suspended/ canceled/revoked, operating a motor vehicle bearing an improper license plate, second-degree burglary, and grand larceny.

He pleaded guilty before Associate District Judge Michael Flanagan on Aug. 22 to the pending 2018 and 2019 charges, OSCN records reflect. Sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 17 at 9 a.m. Besides facing the possibility of a prison term, Travis Simpson, 41, owes the state court system $87,000 “plus accruing costs,” court documents from 2017 and 2018 show.

He was ordered to pay $50 per month – which would take 145 years to pay off.

That sum includes several fines, the costs of his incarceration (calculated at $37.40 per day), and myriad court costs, including: a law library assessment, arrest fees, CLEET (Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training) assessment, AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) assessment, victims compensation fund assessment, forensic fee, district attorneys revolving fund assessment, trauma care assistance assessment, Oklahoma Court Information System fee, a sheriff’s fee ($1,110 in one of Simpson’s cases), county courthouse security fee, state Attorney General’s victim services unit fee, district court clerk’s revolving fund, CAMA (Child Abuse Multidisciplinary Account) fee, and a mental health drug abuse education and treatment fee.