Elgin teacher writes a letter to her students
Elgin teacher writes a letter to her students

Dear Students,

Well, we made it to the end of the school year. It doesn’t feel like it should be time to let you go but here we are, the last week that you will be in my class. It wasn’t supposed to end like this and even though
it makes my heartache, I couldn’t let you go without you hearing my words one more time. I want you to know first, how very proud I am of you. You, my amazing kids, have grown far more than you realize. You read on your own now and many of you even do it willingly! You have found books that can touch your heart. You learned to tell time, count money, and add and subtract double digits. You learned to work hard and that if you do it long enough, the hard things become easier.

You learned about Betsy Ross, Henry “Box” Brown, and John J. Harvey. You learned about art: to make it, to share it and the excitement in seeing it in a museum. You have learned so much but those lessons were not the most important things that I tried to teach you in second grade I hope you learned kindness and to find the places where you, even at your young age, can make it better. I tried to teach you that kindness is the single greatest way to come together and that EVERYONE can do something. I tried to show you that no matter how much you can do on your own, together we can do even more.

I wanted you to learn that spreading happiness doesn’t have to cost money. I wanted you to see that your kindness can reach complete strangers that you will never meet. Mostly, I wanted you to start discovering the goodness inside of you waiting to be shared with others. You have no idea how much the world needs that.

I want you to know that even though I won’t hug you goodbye on the last day of school, being apart doesn’t mean that I’m not with you. I’m still there just not in ways that you can see. Being apart doesn’t stop love. You’ll always be my kids. That won’t stop. Not ever. Isn’t that the wonderful thing about loving someone? There is a spot in my heart just for you.

Since the first day of school, I have hugged you every day before you walked into our class and again as you walked out. Sadly, I won’t be able to do that on the last day of school so, here are the words that I would give you as you left the final time. Always remember these things: Do the things that are hard over and over until they aren’t hard anymore. Keep growing. Do your best. Be kind. Make the world better. Be brave. Do good things. I love you.

Your Teacher, Mrs. Pineo