Mayor Larry Thoma says 'it's way too early to discuss' if seepage has contaminated any water sources

ELGIN - Too little storage space, not enough irrigation land, heavy rainfall and a growing community have all been listed as contributing factors to Elgin’s current waste water treatment facility predicaments, causing serious sewage seepage concerns.

Rue Dee Glover, Elgin’s Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator said, from an operator’s standpoint, one major problem is fairly easy to identify.

“The incoming flow of water coming into the plant is greater than the system can handle,” Rue Dee said. “Our target is 185 thousand gallons of inflow a day. During the last three-inch plus rainfall, we had 550 thousand gallons of inflow. We can’t make it stop. We can’t irrigate it out fast enough. There’s too much coming in.”

Retired engineer Mike Johnson, who volunteers to help the City of Elgin with its’ infrastructure issues, echoed the concern.



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