Cyril 59, Fargo-Gage/Fort Supply 26

Cyril 55, Arnett 43

Cyril 49, Seiling 81


Cyril traveled to Seiling to participate in the Ward Center Tournament Classic. The Lady Pirates’ first opponent was Fargo-Gage/Fort Supply. 

The Lady Pirates Spring into action early to a five-point lead at the first buzzer. 

Cyril slowly built a lead in the second quarter before going on a big run coming out of the half to take a commanding lead. Cyril rode the momentum and won the opening round by a staggering 33 points. 

Up next was the Arnett Lady Wildcats. After a hard-fought first half the Lady Pirates held a narrow two-point lead. Cyril extended that lead to five before hitting the gas pedal and pulling away down the stretch to take a 12-point win. 

In the championship game Cyril took on the host Lady Tigers from Seiling. The Lady Tigers got out to an early 12-point lead and never looked back taking a huge lead into the halftime break. It was more of the same for the Seiling as the Lady Tigers took home the championship, 81-49. 



Cyril 74, Fargo-Gage/Fort Supply 60

Cyril 59, Drummond 56

Cyril 38, Seiling 47


Cyril boys also played in the Ward Center Tournament Classic in Seiling. Their weekend was tipped off against Fargo-Gage/Fort Supply. 

The Pirates came racing out of the gate to an early 12-point lead and managed that pace for most of the game. They took the win to advance into the championship bracket.

Cyril then took on the Drummond Bulldogs in the semifinals. Both teams traded shots back and forth throughout the whole game. 

The Bulldogs tried to throw together a comeback and just came up one possession short. The Pirates held on to advance to the championship.

Cyril squared off against the tournament’s host Seiling Tigers.

The Tigers were got out to an early lead. The Pirates battled back time and time again but could never throw the final price together.  Cyril dropped the game to earn runner-up in the Ward Center Tournament Classic.