Chronicle photo by KaraLee Langford Construction continues on the first Birdhouse Cottages as the foundation of the second cabin is beginning.
Chronicle photo by KaraLee Langford Construction continues on the first Birdhouse Cottages as the foundation of the second cabin is beginning.

MEDICINE PARK - Painted Bunting, Bluebird, Cardinal and Hummingbird no longer refer only to native birds of Oklahoma. Now, they are also the names of cottages Medicine Park vacationers will be able to inhabit.

David and Candace McCoy, residents of Medicine Park since 1995 and owners of Medicine Park Properties, began construction on their unique string of cabins about three months ago.

Design of the cabins was inspired by the many tourists who frequently visit Medicine Park and spend their vacation birdwatching at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. “We also noticed that people come from all over to birdwatch in the refuge,” Candace said. “Those tourist dollars are actually people who stay [in town] a few days and the turnover of revenue in the town creates tax revenue which runs the town.”

Candace said living in Medicine Park for 25 years has given her and David the chance to understand the qualities of the town and what it needs to prosper. “We’ve had time to analyze the identity of our town and what else is needed in the community,” She said. “Since we are the gateway to the refuge, we know it focuses a lot on tourism.” After construction of the Birdhouse Cottages was held up due to poor weather conditions, Candace said they finally have the foundation set for the second cabin.

“There are going to be four overnight units,” Candace said. “And two of those are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) acceptable, including what’s very important about these is we actually have parking for all of the units including the handicapped.”  Two of the four Birdhouse Cottages will feature handicap amenities and accessibility. Such characteristics of the cabins will include roll-in showers, accessible parking and easy access to the cottage.

Candace said the design of the cottages is a little unusual, but she believes they will add more allure to the experience of vacationing in Medicine Park. “I think it will make their [vacationers] whole experience fun and memorable,” she said. “Instead of just staying at a hotel room, they’ll say ‘I stayed in the Cardinal at the Birdhouse Cottages.’ I think they are really going to enjoy the stay.”

Candace said the pandemic has not affected her other rental businesses this Summer nor the construction of the Birdhouse Cottages. “I was so surprised, and the reviews have been so good that it was really encouraging to me that we’re doing the right thing,” she said. “And that management is crucial and keeping things super clean.”

According to Candace, their goal is to have all the Birdhouse Cottages completed and ready for use by this Fall. “It’s very unique,” She said. “It’s got the view of the water; there’s going to be decks and patios and gardens with access to the creek.”