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Jayson DeSilver | For The Chronicle
SLINGING MUD: Cameron Hagin throws mud as the ASCS sprint cars tested out their cars during hot laps on Saturday night.
SLINGING MUD: Cameron Hagin throws mud as the ASCS sprint cars tested out their cars during hot laps on Saturday night.

Lawton Speedway hosted the the American Sprint Car Series (ASCS) on Saturday, June 5. The ASCS sprinters had a field of 16 cars for the evenings events. Ryan Timms, who also won his heat race, started third in the feature and wasted no time taking over the top spot. Ryan ran away from the rest of the field and won the 25 lap “A” main. Second across the line was Chance Morton followed by Joe Wood Jr., Whit Gastineau and Brandon Anderson. The USRA Limited Modifieds started 23 cars in their feature but after a wild night only had 13 cars take the checkered flag. Points leader Shane Little started eighth in the feature but before the night was over, Shane worked his way to the front to take another feature win. Shane and Rob Bland had a battle going on till Rob ran into some trouble that took him out of the race for the night. Daniel Cox finished second with Terrell Evans, Trevor Foley and Jonathan Powers rounding out the top five places. Kale Westover continued his winning ways in the USRA Modifieds. Kale was followed to the finish line by Jared Barid, James Reed, John Nemetz and Harold Winton Jr. The Mini stocks saw point leader Dakota Davies start in the eleventh position but before the night was over Dakota took over first place and ran away to take the win. Koby Adams finished in second place followed by Dustin Southerland, Clyde Ikeler and Brain Stotler. The USRA Tuners took to the dirt with fourteen cars in the starting lineup for the feature. Logan Morschhauser, after starting in the ninth position, won the “A” feature for the Tuners. Colton Mooney, Kaleb Watson, David Thompson and Kollin Teafatiller rounded out the top five places for the night. Keyton Adams, the points leader for the Tuners, had trouble on the night and did not finish the “A” feature. Keyton finished in fourteenth place but was able to maintain his points lead in the standings. Lawton Speedway will be back in action on Saturday, June 12 as the host IMCA RaceSaver Sprints along with the USRA Limited Modifieds, Mini Stocks, USRA Tuners and the Wingless Limited Sprints.



IMCA RaceSaver Sprints

1. Jeremy Allen - 554 pts.

2. Morgan Fletcher - 483 pts.

USRA Modifieds

1. Kale Westover - 547 pts.

2. David Tanner - 522 pts

USRA Limited Modifieds

1. Shane Little - 779 pts.

2. Daniel Cox - 672 pts.

Mini Stocks

1. Dakota Davies - 875 pts.

2. Brain Stotler - 730 pts.

Wingless Limited Sprints

1. AJ Smith - 608 pts.

2. Gerald Smith - 586 pts.

USRA Tuners

1. Keyton Adams - 694 pts.

2. Bondy Cannon - 509 pts.