There’s an incredible sci-fi film hiding amongst the litter and clutter of Alita - Battle Angel.

The film - produced and cowritten by Titanic/Avatar/Terminator creator James Cameron and directed by Desperado/Sin City director Robert Rodriguez - creates a visually stunning, deep and interesting cyberpunk future rife for exploration.

Unfortunately, it’s also film that doesn’t really have much to say.

The film opens in 2563 as cybernetics doctor Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz) finds the head and central core of a full cyborg (a human brain in a robot body) in The Scrapyard, a large area of trash and debris on Earth’s surface dumped from the floating city of Zalem. It’s been 300 years since The Fall, a mysterious war between two factions that left Earth sparsely inhabited and Zalem as humanity’s last, ruling force.

The surface-dwellers live in Iron City, most using cybernetics to enhance themselves for either heavy labor or to perform in their bloody and deadly version of roller derby - motorball.


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