Like ants in the distance, competitors in the Quarry Run could be seen from the overlook at Richards Spur.
Photo Credit: 
Lisa Carroll

Once again Dolese Bros. Co. partnered up with the Fort Sill Family, MWR and the 30th Air Defense Artillery Brigade and opened it's doors to the public, encouraging anyone in the community seeking a unique adventure, to take on the 2nd Annual 30th ADA Quarry Challenge. Benefiting family and soldier programs on Fort Sill, the collaborative effort promotes health and wellness while providing the community with a rare behind the scenes view of the Dolese Quarry.

On the morning of May 12, 2018, 300 challengers lined up at the Richards Spur Dolese Rock Quarry prepared to run, or walk, their way along the miles of gravel roads winding through the quarry. Athletes rushed from the starting line across the expansive landscape, past gigantic mounds of rock and stunning limestone plateaus, and descended the 250 feet of elevation down to the edge of the extraordinary aqua blue quarry water surrounded by steep rocky bluffs. Meeting the end of the road, runners and walkers then turned back around to traverse their way back up the steep terrain, urging their straining muscles to continue forward and on towards the awaiting finish line.

"Quarries in general with the shear rock faces and dramatic geography, are just really cool," said Kermit Frank Jr., Director of Communications and Community Relations for Dolese Bros. Co. "With the topography and geology, I think it's an interesting place to visit and makes for an interesting place to run."

With Lawton/Fort Sill ever expanding and Dolese Bros. Co. wanting to be more proactive in the community, Kermit had originally contacted Fort Sill Family and MWR a couple of years ago with the idea to establish a quarry run. Brenda Spencer-Raglan, Director of Fort Sill Family and MWR teamed up with Colonel David Baxter in charge of the 30th ADA and decided the run would be a great way for military members and the surrounding community to come together in an amazing environment to have some fun, be active and really connect with one another. The event was launched last year and was even more successful in it's second year.

"It's nothing more than supporting each other and creating relationships. If we're not promoting healthy living and physical activity, nutrition, a positive life and balance then we won't be ready to serve our community. So it's a positive partnership," said Brenda. "Our soldiers work hard and give a lot. Our community works hard and gives a lot. So when they come together to promote quality of life like this it gives everyone a chance to relax and enjoy each other in this environment, that's when I truly believe we underscore our commitment to each other. Whether in a civilian suit or a green suit, we all serve."

                              2018 QUARRY RUN
                              ELGIN, OKLAHOMA
                         RESULTS BY DG PRODUCTIONS
                        5KM OVERALL RESULTS - MALES
Place Div/Tot  Div   Name                  City/state       Chiptim Pace  Guntime Bib#
===== ======== ===== ===================== ================ ======= ===== ======= =====
    1   1/7    M0119 Hunter Hamilton       Fort Sill OK       24:18  4:53   24:21   134
    2   2/7    M0119 Anthony Yates         Fort Sill OK       24:52  4:59   24:55   352
    3   3/7    M0119 Isaac Oliver          Elgin OK           24:57  5:00   24:58

Place Div/Tot  Div   Name                  City/state       Chiptim Pace  Guntime Bib#
===== ======== ===== ===================== ================ ======= ===== ======= =====
    1   1/7    F3039 Tiffany Gulledge      Edmond OK          26:43  5:21   26:43   132
    2   2/7    F3039 Sara Citizen          Ft Sill OK         30:43  6:09   30:44   124
    3   1/4    F2029 Aide Escanuela        Lawton OK          30:59  6:13   31:01

                        8KM OVERALL RESULTS - MALES
Place Div/Tot  Div   Name                  City/state       Chiptim Guntime Bib#
===== ======== ===== ===================== ================ ======= ======= =====
    1   1/7    M2029 Shawn Dolan           Lawton OK          35:36   35:36   365
    2   2/7    M2029 Eric Lichtenberg      Fort Sill OK       35:45   35:45   182
    3   1/5    M5059 Mike Hall             Oklahoma City OK   38:49   38:51   176

Place Div/Tot  Div   Name                  City/state       Chiptim Guntime Bib#
===== ======== ===== ===================== ================ ======= ======= =====
    1   1/6    F3039 Kelleigh Huff         Apache OK          40:58   40:58   179
    2   1/6    F4049 Alexis Sprakties      Lawton OK          41:49   41:51   323
    3   1/5    F2029 Jayne Cryder          Fort Sill OK       48:49   48:53   173

Place Div/Tot  Div   Name                  City/state       Chiptim Guntime Bib#
===== ======== ===== ===================== ================ ======= ======= =====
    1   1/4    M0119 Aldo Parra-Perez      N. Las Vegas NV    53:42   53:47   355
    2   1/9    M3030 Jino Caro             Lawton OK          53:50   53:53    91
    3   2/9    M3030 Frank Citizen         Ft. Sill OK        59:24   59:26    92

Place Div/Tot  Div   Name                  City/state       Chiptim Guntime Bib#
===== ======== ===== ===================== ================ ======= ======= =====
    1   1/3    F3039 Megan Unger           Lawton OK        1:30:49 1:30:54   376
    2   1/6    F2029 Samantha Martinez-Gib Lawton OK        1:33:10 1:33:14   107
    3   2/6    F2029 Melanie Flege         Lawton OK        1:36:19 1:36:21    97