Baylor guard Sara Andrews and Oklahoma guard Kennady Tucker leap for a rebound during the fist half on Wednesday, Jan. 12


A white-winged dove perches on a tree branch. Take note of the white stripes at the edge of the folded wings. The white-winged dove is the only dove that has these stripes. Also, notice the pronounced light blue coloring which extends from the back of its beak and around the eyes. Take note of the orange legs and feet, along with the orange irises which surround its pupils.

Getting back to columns concerning doves, this week I am featuring the w

Trees along Highway 277 north of Elgin burn during a wildfire January 14. About 120 acres of land were burned, according to Comanche County Public Information Officer Amy Hawkins. Curtis Awbrey|Chronicle Photo
More than 20 volunteers were on hand to clean up Elgin’s Rock Bridge Park Saturday. Crews cut down unwanted trees and removed undergrowth to alleviate runoff.